ZANECEBO Consulting Services

Zanecebo Consulting offers civil engineering, structural engineering and project management services in the following business sections:

  1. Residential Developments
  2. Industrial and Commercial Buildings
  3. Municipal Infrastructure
  4. Civil Infrastructure

Civil Engineering

  • Municipal services (water, storm water and sewer reticulation
  • Bulk earthworks design and layer works specification
  • Drainage
  • Pavement design
  • Flood line analysis
  • Roads design and improvements

Structural Engineering

  • Structural systems design
  • Material specifications
  • Structural condition assessments
  • Restoration Engineering and Structural reverse engineering
  • Construction technical support

Project Management

  • Determine and define client needs
  • Conduct feasibility studies, cost estimates and cost advisory
  • Project planning and implementation
  • Occupational Health & Safety Plans and Quality Management Plans
  • Project control, project monitoring, construction review, payment certification, contract administration and risk assessment
  • Facilities management
  • Quantity Survey: measurement and costing (on project where we offer full scope of services)

Specialist Services

We partner with various specialists to provide our clients and partners with integrated solutions on services that we do not have in-house capability. The following specialized services apply:

  • Geotechnical Investigations
  • Land Surveys
  • Electrical and Mechanical Services
  • Quantity Surveying